Culling of wolves in season 2014-2015

Legislation for culling of wolf and bear population has been formally published. In season 2014-2015, 86 bears and 5 wolves are planned for culling.

Two wolves per area have been allocated to hunting areas of Kočevje-Bela krajina and Notranska-Zahodni visoki kras and one wolf in Primorska hunting area.

There are a few restrictions on hunting to ensure wolf pack stability. For instance, special purpose hunting areas (Medved, Žitna gora, Snežnik Kočevska reka, Ljubljanski vrh) have been excluded from the plan and have no quotas. As a rule, younger animals should be preferred over adults to lower the chance of shooting the leading member(s) of a pack. In case there are damages on livestock in the vicinity, hunting should be done on or near pastures where damage has occurred. In case three adult wolves will be shot, the plan will considered fulfilled and the hunting season closes (except for cases of intervention).